Butuc inteligent Youpin Vima Tuya Smart Lock Core, marime 75: 40 cu 35

300 lei
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Nou, nefolosit, doar desigilat.
Marimea 75 ( 40 cu 35 )( adica 40 mm de la mijlocul usii spre afara si 35 spre interior)( merge si mai mare sau mai mica usa doar ca se vede urat)
E luat din china si nu imi place ca trebuie folosit cu o alta piesa de la Tuya care il leaga la internet (un hub zigbee) pe care nu o am si nu vreau sa o iau.

1. Vima Smart Lock Cylinder includes only the core of the lock, which is installed instead of a conventional cylinder. Partner Xiaomi released just four versions of the novelty for a different thickness of the door. In the kit there are five keys of different colors, in the m obile application for each one you can adjust the access time. The smartphone will also show who and when opened / closed the door. To enter the house, you need to turn the key in the lock.

2. If the lock detects a hacking attempt, the mechanism is blocked, the built-in alarm is triggered, and a notification is sent to the user's smartphone. The built-in chip uses 128-bit encryption to protect against interception of data. You can lock the lost key in the settings. Support for the Z igbee protocol allows you to integrate Vima Smart Lock Cylinder into the smart home system.

3. Three batteries are enough for a year's work. Another useful feature - if you forget to remove the key, after 30 seconds the lock will emit a signal and send an alert to the smartphone.
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