Behringer BCA2000 USB 2.0 Audio & MIDI Interface

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Behringer BCA2000
USB 2.0 Audio & MIDI Interface

Mixer audio & MIDI interfata.
Se conecteaza pe USB la PC sau laptop.

Behringer’s B-Control Audio BCA2000 is a high-speed USB 2.0 multichannel audio/MIDI control interface with ADAT support, surroundoutputs and an extensive monitor control section. The BCA2000 isexpected to ship in the second quarter of 2004.

Designed as an extremely flexible control surface suitable for awide array of applications, the BCA2000 features a high-performanceanalog input section with two state-of-the-art studio-grade IMP“Invisible” Mic Preamps, +48V phantom power, and line andhi-Z guitar inputs. It also offers an ultraflexible input/outputconfiguration that is supported by a comprehensive LED audio routingindicator and LED. In addition, the high-resolution 2×12-element LEDlevel indicator for stereo In/Out signals and the 2-element LED levelindicator for input and output channels 3 through 8 provide the userwith full access to and clear visualization of all active functions. Anadjustable studio-grade analog input dynamic control prevents inputsignal distortion and A/D converter overload.

The BCA2000 is fully equipped with an USB/MIDI interface, with oneMIDI In/two MIDI Outs that are individually selectable for up to 16/32MIDI channels. The B-Control Audio features digital input and outputformats like ADAT, ADAT S/MUX, AES/EBU and S/PDIF, including DolbyDigital and DTS support.

The B-Control Audio’s flexibility is further strengthened withthe fully equipped master and monitor sections with 100mm faders, individual level controls for two speakers, two phones and directmonitor functions, plus separate dim, mute and mono functions. Thesimultaneous use of three analog input sources (one mono/one stereo),digital input sources and full multichannel playback at 24-bit/96 kHzprovides additional functionality.
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